Nobel Carpet & Rugs


Lucky Fibres is in the business of providing beauty, comfort and elegance to the homes and offices of its consumers. In order to achieve that objective, it produces a range of soft floor coverings:

Tufted carpets: These are wall to wall carpets which are produced through the process of tufting the yarn on the synthetic backing. Tufting is a mechanical process which involves creation of geometrical designs using different colored yarns. Majority of the products available in the Nigerian market are tufted carpets made from PP yarn.

Printed carpets: Printed carpets are wall to wall carpets which are produced through the chemical process of printing digitally created designs on white tufted carpets. Printed carpets are primarily made from nylon yarns.

Woven carpets: Woven carpets are produced through weaving, which differs from the tufting in the way the yarn is tied on the backing. Weaving allows for creation of non geometrical floral and oriental designs.

Marketing and Sales Capabilities

The company has about 250 dealers (Dealer network) all over the country and operates 4 warehouses in its entire operations; one in Kano, Abuja, Port-Harcourt and the other in Ikorodu, Lagos. All factory production however is done solely in Ikorodu. Therefore, finished carpets are merely delivered to the Kano, Port-Harcourt and Abuja office, which are responsible for supplying the whole of Nigeria. The 4 regional sales offices are responsible for the following regions of Nigeria:

  • Kano office: Northern region
  • Abuja Office: Central region
  • Portharcourt Office: Eastern region
  • Surulere (Lagos) Office: Southern region

There are two types of sales: Dealer Network and Contract Division. Dealer networks comprise of a number of dealers that are outlets for the sale of our carpets. Contract division is more direct with the company and involves a more personal approach with customers. The company has developed special products to meet the needs of contract customers.

Normally, dealers are not granted credit sales unless they have an established a long lasting relationship with the company based on mutual trust. Therefore, all dealers have to pay for their goods before they can be supplied. Only trusted customers could be extended a discretionary line of credit but this is not the norm.